The product is blended from highly refined base oils & fortified with additives having excellent lubricity & load carrying properties. The product is to be used as a diluent with PAL-DRAW ST or PAL-DRAW EP. It has been observed that during the wire drawing operating, high stress & heat is generated & further the mixing of metal specimens / debris with the oils results in polymerization of the oil with increase in viscosity. This hampers the wire drawing operation. Mixing of PAL VRF with residual oil results in optimum viscosity of the fluid with improved wetting characteristics and extended service life.

Recommended that after 6 months of wire drawing operations, the resultant mixture should be diluted with 10 to 15% of PAL VRF OR depending upon the severity of the operation.


210L, 50L

Sr.No Properties PAL VRF
1 Appearance Dark Colour liquid
2 Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C 90-110
3 Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @100°C 9-11
4 Flash Point, COC, °C, min. 210
5 Copper strip corrosion, @100°C, max. 1 (3hr.)
6 Saponification Value 20-25
7 Neutralization No. mgKOH/gm 0.40
* The specifications are subject to variations/development/customization.