Pal Forge



These oils are formulated from highly refined mineral oils and contain a combination of chemical active & polar additives. These oils have excellent extreme pressure (E.P) properties & during thermal degradation they forms a strong protective oil film which is capable of undertaking heavier loads, reduce friction & provides the best protection for the work pieces & dies. They also provide excellent antiwear & cooling performance during operation & extend the life of dies.

Recommended as a lubricant designated exclusively for stainless steel cold forging work including bolt nuts, bushes, screws etc.

The product is not recommended for metal processing of copper & aluminium.


210L, 50L

Sr.No Properties PAL FORGE
    68 100
1 Appearance Dark Brown
2 Density @ 29.5 ºC g/cm3    
3 Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ 40C 64-72 90-110
4 Pour Point ºC -6 -6
5 Flash Point, COC, ºC min. 180 180
6 Copper Corrosion 100 ºC for 3hrs 4C 4C
* The specifications are subject to variations/development/customization.