Preventive Maintenance - Paras Lubricants Limited


Check the oil level by removing the dipstick, wipe it clean. Insert it fully and remove it again. If it is low, top up with recommended grade of oil. To get best performance, the oil should be changed as per vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Longer drain interval can be achieved by following recommended maintenance schedule and proper handling of the vehicle.

Check air filter every month. Replace it when it becomes dirty or as part of a tune -up.

Power Steering Fluid

Inspect the power steering fluid level once a month and top up if required. Check the pump and hoses for leaks.

Transmission Fluid

Check transmission fluid monthly and top up with approved type fluid, if needed. Never overfill.

Brake Fluid

Check the brake fluid monthly.If required top up and check for possible leaks throughout the system. Do not overfill.


Battery can produce explosive gases. As such extreme caution should be taken while handling it. Always wear protective glasses and gloves, and do not smoke, create a spark or light a match near a battery.

Belts and Hoses

Inspect belts and hoses smoothly. Replace glazed, worn or frayed belts. Replace bulging, rotten or brittle hoses and tighten clamps. If a hose looks bad, or feels too soft or too hard, it should be replaced


Inspect for loose or broken exhaust clamps and supports, holes in muffler or pipes and replace the worn out parts. Check the emission periodically.


Ensure that all lights are clean and working, including the brake lights, indicator, emergency flashers etc. Spare bulbs and fuses must be kept in the vehicle.

Shock Absorbers

Check for oil seepage on shock absorbers, test shock action by bouncing the car up and down. Worn or leaking shock absorbers should be replaced in pairs.


Inflate tyres to recommended pressure and check for cuts, bulges and excessive tread wear. Check for uneven wear as it indicates tyres are misaligned or out of balance. Get the alignment and wheel balancing done immediately.

Wiper Blades

Inspect the windscreen wiper blades and washer fluid reservoir whenever the windshield is cleaned. Replace Wiper Blades at least once a year.